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About Us

Scripture Union Pakistan is part of a worldwide movement of Christians dedicated to bringing real-life transformation to Pakistan’s children and youth through action-based activities within schools and communities.

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Your Opportunity

Attend a Scripture Union event; become a camp leader; run a children’s Bible club in your local area; become a volunteer at a vacation Bible school; introduce Scripture Union publications in your church or to your friends; help raise funds for our activities and besides these there are many other ways you can be involved.

You can make a meaningful difference in the life of a child. Your opportunity awaits!

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You may think a few rupees or dollars aren’t that much, but every little helps! Together, we can make a difference in the life of a child and eventually in a community. We believe God can use you to make this difference.

Combine your contribution with our passion! Watch the power of God at work and see lives changed!


روز کی روٹی

Our Beliefs

As the Scripture Union family throughout the world, we accept and proclaim the historic truths of the Christian faith, including the following:

We hold that the Lord our God is one,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that He fulfills His sovereign purposes – in creation, revelation, redemption, judgement, and the coming of His kingdom – by calling out from the world a people united to Himself and to each other in love.

We acknowledge that though God made us

in His own likeness and image, conferring on us dignity and worth and enabling us to respond to Him, we now are members of a fallen race; we have sinned and come short of His glory.

We believe that the Father

has shown us His holy love in giving Jesus Christ, His only Son, for us, while through our sinfulness and guilt, we were subject to His wrath and condemnation; and has shown His grace by putting sinners right with Himself when they place their trust in His Son.

We confess Jesus Christ

  • as Lord and God;
  • as truly human, born of the virgin Mary;
  • as servant, sinless, full of grace and truth;
  • as our only Mediator and Saviour, dying on the cross in our place, representing us to God, redeeming us from the grip, guilt and punishment of sin;
  • as Victor over Satan and all his forces, rising from death with a glorious body, being taken up to be with His Father, one day returning personally in glory and judgement to establish His kingdom.

We believe in the Holy Spirit

  • who convicts the world of guilt in regard to sin, righteousness and judgement;
  • who makes the death of Christ effective to sinners, declaring that they must now turn to Christ in repentance, and directing their trust towards the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • who through the new birth makes us partake in the life of the risen Christ, and
  • who is present within all believers, illuminating their minds to grasp the truth of Scripture, producing in them His fruit, granting to them His gifts, and empowering them for service in the world.

The Scriptures

We believe that the Old and New Testament Scriptures are God-breathed, since their writers spoke from God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, they are fully trustworthy in all that they affirm; and are our highest authority for faith and life.


Committed staff


Offices Across Pakistan

400 +

Volunteers Across Pakistan

Our Core Values

Bible Centered

We endeavor to have all Scripture Union work centered on and guided by God’s Word.


We endeavor to act in an honest, fair and ethical manner and create a culture of trust that is evident in all our activities and decision-making processes.


We endeavor to exercise great responsibility and prudence in the use and management of resources entrusted to us.


We endeavor to have a high level of commitment in serving society by delivering consistently high-quality programs, products, training and services.


We endeavor to serve all without discrimination.


We endeavor to network and collaborate with other like-minded institutions, organizations, churches and individuals for the enhancement of our common good and for the glory of the Lord.



(Vacation Bible School Student)
I love to come to vacation Bible school in my church. The Scripture Union staff arranges this. These VBSes have helped me to be stronger in my faith. Many a time it is difficult to be Christian. I have learned that the Lord has made me to glorify His name through my life. I am challenged to live a life worthy to God and show it by sharing Christ’s love with others. Please pray that I may continue live in this faith.

Miss. Munir

(Sunday School Teacher)
Miss. Munir received Sunday school teachers’ training held at SU office Lahore. On the graduation day she shared "This training has not just given me knowledge but it has inspired me to start a Sunday school class in my area. I believe with this training I am able to teach and communicate God’s Word clearly. I have vision to reach thousands of children with the Gospel message. I extend my especial thanks to Scripture Union for this wonderful opportunity."


(Summer Camp Student)
Before coming to this camp I was just a nominal Christian Only here during a session I understood that I should have a personal relationship with the Lord. I have received the Lord by faith and strongly believe that He lives in my heart. I feel a true happiness and peace in my life. Please pray for me that I may continue walking with Him. I have also committed my life to tell others that Jesus is the savior of the world, true peace only comes by Him



More Questions

What is Scripture Union Pakistan?

Scripture Union Pakistan is a Christian movement committed to share the Word of God to children and young people and their families. And also encourage people of all ages to read the Bible daily.

How Scripture Union reach their target children and young people.

  • We visit schools and hostels and establish school groups
  • Conduct vacation Bible schools in the summer
  • Establish community based children’s Bible clubs
  • Conduct students’ get together
  • Conduct children’s and youth rallies
  • Conduct summer camps

Does Scripture Pakistan works only in four cities of Pakistan where they have offices?

Besides these four cities where we have offices we also visit other cities for children’s and youth’s ministries.